Monday, April 28, 2014


The Barber Shop is the 2nd structure in a series of tiny printie, cut & glue, paper buildings. It can be used as stand-alone piece, showcased under a dome and such, or it would work for toys in a dollhousetoy store or child’s room, etc.  You may decide to transform it into a glitter building as was done for the Church in my previous post here.
As seen, the shop has been glued to a matboard base and accessorized with N scale figures…a man sitting on a bench, a man arriving for his haircut, a dog and a garbage can.  N scale is a tad bit large for the building but I am pleased with the way it looks.   Explore Woodland Scenics  and http://www.PEOPLESCALE.COM.  for a nice assortment of well-done figures and accessories Or if you have a local model train shop, do check out their inventory.  There also is a smaller scale, Z,  that can be used, if your eyes and fingers can handle it.

printout of patterns on matte presentation paper (acid free) see PDF file at the end of this article  +  small sharp scissors (Dr. Slick brand is recommended)  +  short straight edge & pointed stylus for scoring  +  pointed tweezers  + Craft glue such as Crafter’s Pick, The Ultimate & quality acid free glue Stick  +  gray water color pencil  +   2 tiny pearl seed beads +  clear nail enamel  +  Optional (if you want to make the tiny diorama as scene): N Scale model train figures & accessories +  bits of greenery snipped from green chenille stems painted with green acrylic paint  for weeds/grass  +  scrap of matt board for base   +   Bunka cording to cover edges of base 

Print building and accessories patterns onto Matte Presentation Paper using best printer settings.   Printing out the pdf file found at the end of this entry should give you a perfect printie, size, color, etc.) 
When ink has set, cut out building; score on side/base lines and on all tabs.  Fold side tabs in at right angles.  Glue front and back to side tabs.  When glue has set, fold top tabs in at right angles. 
Cut out roof; score across roof on both fold lines.  Glue the white sides of the roof together smoothly.  Use a gray water color pencil to color the raw edges.  Glue roof evenly to top tabs of building with folded edge to front.
Glue the uncut door and windows to a scrap of the same paper.  When glue has set, cut out the pieces and glue them evenly over corresponding ones on the building to add dimension. 
Glue the uncut Barber Shop sign to double thickness of scraps of the same paper.  When glue has set, cut out and glue pieces over matching images on building.
Roughly cut out the door step and glue it over a double thickness of scraps of the same paper. Cut out; color the edges with a gray water color pencil (or you may choose to use the white side of the paper).  Glue the flat edge to the building, centered under the door.
Cut out the barber pole.  Lay it face down, on a giving surface such, as sheet fun foam, or even the palm of your hand.  Roll over it with a round toothpick until it starts to curve inwards.  Use your fingertips to roll it tightly back and forth until the roll has about a 1/16” diameter.  If necessary, glue the seam to hold.  Glue the pole to the front of the building, centered side to side, between the front window and the side of the building, and in line with the window, its seam to back. Glue a tiny pearl seed the top and the bottom of the pole. 
If you wish to showcase your barber shop in a tiny diorama or turn it into a glitter building, use the instruction given in the previous post here, The Church, as a guideline.



  1. I love these mini buildings! Thank you so much.

  2. Hello Joann,
    This is a great little building. thank you for the printout.
    Big hug,

  3. Thank you so much for these wonderful little buildings! These will keep my mini-friends & I busy for quite awhile. I found some really inexpensive people on e-Bay by typing "N gauge people". They are 1/150th, which is closer to 1/144th than true N gauge, which is 1/120th. They are not painted very well, but I have re-painted the same figures in 1/4th (O gauge in model RR), and they look pretty decent now. I bought the ones that are both sitting & standing. You just can't beat 100 figures for under $3.00! Mini hugs, Sallie

  4. Thank you, Joann. You are always so generous. Adrienne

  5. I can't believe how tiny and cute it is!

  6. Thanks, Joann! It's so cute! ;)

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