Saturday, March 17, 2012


The Shamrock is a traditional symbol of Ireland &  thought to bring good luck.  It is a three-leafed clover that can be seen, world-wide, in many forms, as a decoration to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  In the United States the shamrock plant shows up for sale in grocery stores and garden centers in March, to be used as house or garden plants. You may choose to use a miniature version of the shamrock plant inside or outside of a dollhouse or mini setting.  Its simplicity makes it a perfect, easy and fast, miniature project for you or for a group

You will need:  lightweight light green paper + shamrock green acrylic or water color paint + 1/8” heart paper punch  +  small or medium round stylus (or dry ball-point pen)  +  miniature clay pot-wood or terra cotta (available inexpensively in craft & miniature shops)  +  brown Fimo +  #30 green cloth covered floral wire  (Hanky Panky  e:mail  +  Incredibly Tacky glue by Crafter’s Pick  +  fine pointed tweezers +  optional: lightweight green foil or a green permanent marker pen and lightweight aluminum foil    

Use a sponge of large brush to coat both sides of the colored paper with a wash of water color or watered down acrylic paint. This process will add a slightly mottled look to the green color for more natural leaves.  Let dry and if necessary iron flat.
Use the heart punch to punch out 3 hearts for each clover…it takes quite a few.  Lay the hearts in the palm of your hand and “draw” over them from point up with the stylus causing them to cup- up a bit.  Set aside.

Fill a clay pot almost to the top with brown Fimo…do not bake. 

Cut floral wire in varied lengths, the longest to extend out of your pot approx. ¾”.  It will take at least 25 stems for a full plant.  Poke the stems firmly into the Fimo and then arrange them as desired, bending some down and over the edge of the pot.

On waxed paper make a puddle of Incredibly Tacky glue.  Pick up a prepared heart with tweezers by the fat end, dip the pointed end in glue to pick up just the tiniest of dabs.  Apply the heart to the side of the very top of a stem.  Add 2 more hearts to the stem in the same manner, spacing them fairly evenly around the stem.  For ease in applying leaves start with the lower stems and work around pot and them up.

You may choose to add a decorative foil covering to the outside of your pot, such as the type that comes from florists etc.  Green is the best color here but if you don’t have green on hand use a Green Sharpie permanent marker pen to color lightweight aluminum foil. 

I have given you a couple of printie cutouts if you would like to display them as I did with the Shamrock plant.  Simply print them onto cardstock at best printer settings and carefully cut out.  Use colored pens to touch up the cut edges for a finished look.
Copy and paste images to your computer.
Set to print at actual/exact size or 1.90"w x 1.40"h
Print onto matte presentation paper using best printer settings.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Gook Luck with this project!



  1. Thank you for this charming tutorial.

  2. Hello Joann, thank you very much for sharing this nice tutorial. At the moment I am making plants, so this tuto is welcome too.
    Have a great weekend with sunshine.
    Best wishes, Ilona

  3. thanks! have a nice st. patrick day

  4. que bueno, gracias por el tuto

  5. Thank You so much for this project. I finished it in one day. (a record for me) ;-) I didn't have the 1/8" heart punch, so I used the hearts corner punch. By cutting my paper into strips,I was able to punch the hearts, without the larger heart being punched.
    This week I also made your bean bag, bunny jelly bean dispenser and lollipops, from NN News articles.
    You have been an inspiration for as long as I have been into minis. (22 years) Thank you for your generous spirit.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!

  7. Que preciosas te quedan las plantas.Gracias por el tutorial
    Un abrazo

  8. What a nice tutorial. Thank you. The plant is very beautiful.
    Hugs from Craftland

  9. The best part is they never need watering!