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In the Bunny Burrow Mr. & Ms. E. Bunny are busy dyeing  eggs that will be hidden all over the world for children to discover on Easter morning.  This is the subject of the third shelf in our Easter Shadowbox project.

Copy & save to your computer.  Set to print at 9" x 6.25" using best printer settings.  Print onto matte presentation paper.
The Background:  Make a copy of the background graphic onto matte presentation paper using your printer’s best settings.  The shelf as seen measures 5” wide by 3 ½” high by 2 ½: deep.  Make any necessary size adjustments so the graphic fits your shelf front to back and side to side.
Cut out the graphic and test fit it into your shelf, from front to corner, across back to corner and out to front.  Use a quality glue stick to adhere graphic in shelf.  

The Flooring:  Dried Sphagnum moss (craft store purchase) was used for the flooring.  I put a hand full in a bowl and use scissors to cut it into smaller pieces for ease in applying.  I applied a thick coating of Crafter’s Pick Ultimate glue to the floor. I dumped the moss onto it and pressed it into the glue.  After the glue had set a bit I used a wide soft-bristled paint brush to “sweep” the excess moss off the floor.  Bit of the moss were glued here and there on the front edge of the shelf.

A sign hangs from the back wall.  Print the sign graphic on bright white paper.   Choose which one you want to use and glue it to a piece matt board.  Cut out.  Tint the edges to match the sign with water color pencils.  Glue to back wall 

The Work Table:  Cut a ¾” long segment of ¾” diam. wood doweling for the tree trunk.  Soften a piece of Fimo  (I used #703 stone effect color but any brown color will work).and roll it flat and thin.   Paint the sides of the piece of dowel lightly with tacky glue and wrap the Fimo around it, cutting off the overlap on sides and the excess on top and bottom.  Roll long carrot-shaped pieces of the Fimo and press to sides of the trunk…7-8 of these root pieces should be about right.  Smooth the roots to the side of the trunk and let the pointed end bend out from the bottom….make each root a bit different.  As you add the root pieces keep in mind that they should not extend out from the edges of the table top when assembled.  Use a pointed stylus, or similar tool, to “scrape” the Fimo from top to bottom to add texture.  Use a flat, soft-bristled brush to gently brush off any loose particles of clay.  Bake according to Fimo package directions.  When the piece is cool antique it with a wash of half and half Delta Gel Stain Medium and a dark brown acrylic paint.  If needed, paint your piece a medium brown before antiquing it.

To create the table top; make a color copy of the table-top graphic onto bright white paper, using best photo settings.  Roughly cut out the picture and glue-stick it to a piece of matboard or similar thickness cardboard.  Cut out around the edges of the picture.  Color the bottom of the table top with water color pencil to slightly match the top of the table.  Use a dampened, dark brown water color pencil to color the edges of the table top.
Glue table top to the tree trunk base.

Copy & paste to your computer.  Set to print at 2.75" x 1.58"
Print onto bright white paper at best printer settings

Egg Dyeing Supplies: 

Eggs- Using instructions found in Section One of the Shadowbox make lots of Fimo eggs, white and pastel.

Egg dyeing Kit-   Print out the kit onto matte presentation paper using best printer settings.  Cut out pieces.  Score and fold on all lines.  Assemble the box top and lid using a tacky glue.  Insert the platform into the box. Use a 1/8” round paper punch to punch out six rounds of colored paper; glue onto platform as seen.  Form an egg-dipper from fine wire, using photo as a guide.  You may also choose to use a cut out of the dipper diagram instead.  Glue dipper in place.  If you are going to make a dipper separate from the box, bend it up between the holder and handle.  Cut out the holes in the Egg Holder.  Fill egg holder with colored eggs, using a bit of glue to hold. 

Un-dyed Eggs are displayed in a bowl…I used a polished acorn cap for my bowl.  

Glasses of Dye are made using Lite Brite pegs from a child’s game.  The pegs can be purchased separately thru or toy stores.  Cut ¼” sections from the large end; sand the bottom flat if necessary.  You may use them as is or use a Dremel tool to router out the inside of the glasses, deep enough to take an egg or just to enough to look like the glass is not full to the top.  Use clear nail polish to cover any dull spots from cutting or router.

The Bunnies are from Schleich and are sold separately for a few dollars each.  They are quite detailed and very nicely painted. They are about 1-7/8” tall to the top of their heads.  I purchased mine from a local farm supply store. has them for a few more $$ than I paid over the counter.  
I antiqued them a bit with a medium brown gel stain wash to accent their fur a bit more.  I sliced thru both bunny’s hands with an X-acto knife so they could hold things (watch your fingers…remember, always cut away from yourselves!)..

For Mr. Bunny I made a simple green felt beret to celebrate his artistic work.    I hand sewed a running stitch around the outside of a felt round and pulled it tight.  I cut a hole in the top to accommodate an ear.  A tiny felt “stem” was glued on the top.  A green bow-tie of silk ribbon is around his neck.  In his hand he holds a paint brush.  
Ms. Bunny wears a pink silk bow on her head and a bit of vintage trim around her neck.  She holds a spoon (Chrysnbon). 

Baskets of dyed eggs sit on the ground and a few chicks (see the instructions in the first shelf instructions) have found their way to the burrow to watch the artists.

Next we will fill the next shelf with a group of Easter baskets full of goodies….hopefully in the next few days…Easter is sneaking up on me,


  1. Lovely! Thank you for another wonderful how to :) I'm especially impressed with the tree trunk idea.

  2. Wonderful Easter scene.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. So lovely!
    Thanks for sharing. ;)

  4. Lovely! I really like your scene.

  5. My goodness, your creativity is so impressive!! Using an acorn top for the bowl - very clever!! I admire your talent so much! Thanks for sharing.

    Many mini hugs,
    Jackie :D